LCIFIN2: Exploiting lean in construction

LCIFIN2 (2013-2015) aimed at instilling lean construction as part of Finnish construction culture in order to achieve positive and permanent change within the industry. The project was coordinated by Vison Alliance Partners Oy while the Industrial Engineering and Management research group of the University of Oulu acted as the research partner. 11 companies operating in construction took part in the project: Consti, Finnish Transport Agency, Fira, Granlund, Lemminkäinen, Morenia, Skanska, Suomen Talokeskus, Sweco PM, Vianova Systems Finland and WSP Finland. The research project was funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

The main objective of the LCIFIN2 project was to understand how construction project can be optimized as a whole, i.e. how the different phases and actors of the project should be taken into account and involved early enough to have an impact on the project’s performance. During the project many lean tools and methods were implemented in participating firms and industry in general from which the increasing popularity of collaborative projects (i.e. projects that aim for integration) also signaled. As a result of continuous process improvement new product and service concepts were also developed. New lean methods such as takt time production were also piloted in a few projects.

The combined output of the participating organizations was two doctoral dissertations, more than 40 master’s theses and, altogether, almost 20 academic publications in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings.