IPT2 – developing integrated project delivery practices for the Finnish construction and service business

IPT2 (2017-2019) is a development project aiming at developing the Finnish real property and construction projects’ productivity and take the Finnish project management capability to the European top level. The project is operated by the leading integrated project deliveries’ owners: Finavia, the city of Helsinki, University of Helsinki, Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority, the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District, the Kanta-Häme Hospital District, Finnish Transport Agency, the Kuopio University Hospital District, HUS-Kiinteistöt Oy, the city of Tampere, the Urban Environment Division of Turku, the Vaasa Hospital District, and the Real Estate Centre of Vantaa. The project is coordinated by RAKLI and Vison Oy.

The main objectives of the IPT2 project are:

  • to further develop integrated project delivery form practices and processes
  • to expand the know-how of project owners; ability to utilize the integrated project delivery form in new kind of projects and by people not being familiar with the model
  • to deepen the know-how of project owners related to designing the project system, improving the productivity, creating value as well as to improving the project practices and processes
  • to change the culture in the industry

IPT2-project is realised by organizing two kinds of development workshops: 1) workshops for project owners’ pilot projects to expand the know-how in the project owner organisations and 2) advanced workshops for project owners and the service providers participating in pilot projects to deepen the know-how in these organisation. In the pilot project workshops, project owners plan and develop their pilot projects in different project lifecycle phases: in the procurement, development and implementation phases. In the advancd workshops, project owners and service providers come together to handle different topics that are pivotal for IPT-projects, such as how to improve subcontractor integration and to implement TVD-process in projects.