Building 2030 project aims at productivity leap in construction

In 2016, in collaboration with Aalto University, several Finnish construction companies established a consortium called Building 2030, which main goal is to develop Finnish construction industry together. The consortium announced that it will develop the vision for Finland’s construction industry that will be based on international benchmarking, comparison to other industries (e.g. ship building) and on the process change enabled by technological development and digitalization.

Comparative studies and technological megatrends have helped the group of managing directors to determine the targets for the project. After two years, two focus areas, Lean Design Management and Collaboration, have been recognized the most essential for the vision consortium to be taken as the main focus areas. Other related topics, such as digitalization of construction site and BIM as a common platform and continuous learning were emphasized by the comparative studies researched by the consortium during the consortium’s first year of collaboration.

Now, the consortium has proceeded and started deepening the Lean Design Management by taken more in-depth view on takt design and takt production as well as on industrial construction, modularization and preproduction. Future topics of the consortium are believed to be related to artificial intelligence and robotics.

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