RAIN (2016-2018) – Developing integration in the construction industry

The first RAIN-project was s a collaborative research and development project that aimed to develop integration in the Finnish construction industry. The project was established by 9 Finland’s managing consulting and construction companies and two research institutes: University of Oulu and Technical University of Tampere.

The project was based on five areas with different objectives:

  1. Project System Design
    • prerequisites and framework for integration and collaboration
    • joint project implementation according to the joint objectives
    • the renewal of construction business models
  2. Collaborative mechanisms
    • supportive mechanisms for project team collaboration
  3. Production flow
    • improvements in effectiveness and productivity during design and construction processes
  4. Data management
    • The creation of user-based, pull-controlled data management process that helps to design project data management from the data utilizer point of view instead of the data creator
  5. People
    • cultural change for integration

RAIN project was implemented by continuous research and monthly arranged workshops. The project finished in December 2018. The final report of the project was published only in Finnish.

More information:

Lauri Merikallio, RAIN project coordinator