LCC 2019: Cultural Change for Improvement

Annual Lean Construction Congress (June 2019, Helsinki) indicated that people interested in LC are now discussing about the core of Lean: management culture and people involvement. Earlier, instead of philosophy, focus was more on Lean tools and techniques. Understanding the philosophy behind the tools helps people to get more advantages from Lean. In addition to Lean culture and people, keynotes and other presentations heard in Lean Congress emphasized themes like Lean strategy, standarization and continuous improvement.

During the 3-day-congress several international keynote speakers including Digby Christian (Sutter Health, US), Jessica Kelley (Southland Industries, UK) and Kevin Mattiszik (BAUWENS Construction, Germany) were heard. Over 300 people from 12 countries were participating this annual Lean Congress that consisted of LCI Training day, international seminar day and Finnish seminar day.

Congress presentations are mainly available for download at: